Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I finally sold my old camera. My Canon EOS 350D was collecting dust on the shelf since last September (when I bought 40D). I thought I might need a backup camera, but I didn't use it a single time. Finally I decided to let it go. I put it on eBay and to my surprise it went out the same day (with "buy it now" option).

I don't think I need an SLR as backup at this moment (and in case my photographing regime will change I would go for another 40D). However I am thinking about having some backup, that would also be suitable for use by other family members. Some compact automatic camera... but then I am thinking whether to go just for some camera (i.e. not too expensive) or to go for a powerful compact like Canon G9 (but that one is rather pricey). Not an easy choice...

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